The game of Wolf is a very entertaining game where players test their confidence in their own games.  The game has players alternating as the Wolf, where they’ll decide if they want to play all 3 of their opponents on the hole, or take on a teammate.  There are greater rewards for going it alone, but a smaller chance of winning the hole.  On the other hand, taking on a teammate evens the odds of winning the hole, but the payout is less.  Wolf is the perfect game of chance on the golf course, and will have players taking risks as the round winds down.

# of players Single or Team play Uses Handicap? Game Type
players teams hcp gametype
4 Single Yes or No Primary Game


  • Players decide on the dollar amount per point prior to the round (ie. $1).
  • Players receive the agreed upon amount per point from each player (ie. 10 pts = $10 from each player).


  • Prior to the game starting:
    • Players draw up a teeing order, which is used throughout the round.
      • Players alternate being the Wolf, based on this order.
        • Player 1 is the Wolf on holes 1, 5, 9, 13.  Player 2 is the Wolf on holes 2, 6, 10, 14, etc.
      • Players decide who will be the Wolf on holes 17 and 18.
        • Typically, it is the last place player, so they have an opportunity to gamble to win more points.
  • The goal of the game is to score the lowest on each hole.
    • Teams with the lowest score win points.  The team with the highest score wins 0 points.
    • Using handicaps are optional.
    • Teams always consist of either 1 (the Wolf) vs. 3, or 2 vs. 2.
    • In the event of a tie, there are no points awarded, and there is no carryover.
  • The Wolf always tees off first.  Players then tee off in the order that was drawn up.
  • After the Wolf tees off, they can declare they are going Lone Wolf if they so choose.
    • Being the Lone Wolf means that they will be playing 1 vs. 3 for triple the points (3 total points) this hole.
    • This must be declared prior to seeing the 2nd person hit their tee shot.
  • If the Wolf does not declare Lone Wolf, the other players will tee off.
  • The Wolf has the opportunity to choose any player as their partner that hole, but this decision must be done immediately after that player tees off.
    • If the 2nd player has a good, but not great drive, they must decide if they want to partner with them before the 3rd player tees off.
    • If the Wolf does take on a partner, the 2 teams are playing for 1 point total (winning partners get 1 point).
  • Once the last player tees off, the Wolf can decide to take on that player as their partner to play 2 vs. 2, or they can take on 3 opponents for double the points (2 points).



Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Adam (W) 6 3 4 (W) 4 3 4 (W)
Phil 3 (W) 2 5 3 (W) 3 4 4
Rory 3 5 (W) 5 4 5 (W) 4 4
Luke 4 4 3 (W) 4 5 3 (W) 4
Hole 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Adam 4 5 5 (W) 4 4 4 * *
Phil (W) 5 5 4 (W) 4 4 * *
Rory 4 (W) 4 4 4 (W) 4 * *
Luke 4 4 (W) 4 4 4 (W) * *
  • Looking at the scorecard above, the (W) represents who is the designated wolf for each hole.  Scores for each hole are also listed.
  • On holes 17* and 18*, typically, the last place player is the Wolf which gives them a chance to recover some points.
Hole 1 2 3 4
Adam (W) 0 3 2
Phil 0 (W) 3 2
Rory 0 0 (W) 2
Luke 0 1 3 (W)
Teams Adam vs Phil/Rory/Luke Phil/Luke vs Adam/Rory Rory vs Adam/Phil/Luke Luke vs Adam/Phil/Royr 
  • Taking a look at hole #’s 1-4
  • On hole #1, Adam is the Wolf.
    • Adam hits a good drive and announces to play the hole as the Lone Wolf.
    • He does this prior to seeing any other player hit their drive.
    • For this hole, Adam is playing against the best score between Phil, Rory, and Luke.
    • Adam finishes the hole with a 3, whereas, his opponent’s best score is also a 3.
    • There are no points awarded since there was a tie.
  • On hole #2, Phil is the Wolf.
    • Phil hits  a poor drive and wants to take on a teammate for this hole.
    • Rory also hits a poor drive, so Phil doesn’t announce he wants Rory as a partner.
    • Luke hits a great drive and at this time, Phil states that he wants to partner with Luke.
    • Adam hits his drive into the water.
    • For this hole, Phil + Luke are playing against Adam + Rory.
    • Luke ends up making a birdie on the hole (4), which is the lowest score.  The team of Adam + Rory could only manage to get a 5 as their best score.
    • Both Phil and Luke will receive 1 point each this hole, where the team of Adam + Rory gets 0 points.
  • On hole #3, Rory is the Wolf.
    • Rory hits a great iron shot on this par 3 and is very close for a birdie.  Rory announces to play the hole as the Lone Wolf.
    • Rory is playing against Adam, Phil, and Luke this hole.
    • Adam, Phil, and Luke hit good iron shots as well.
    • Phil manages to make his putt for a 2, whereas Rory 3 putts and ends up with a 4.
    • Rory gets 0 points this hole, and each of the other 3 players get 3 points each.
      • Lone Wolf holes are worth triple the points.
  • On hole #4, Luke is the Wolf.
    • Luke hits a poor drive and wants to take on a teammate for this hole.
    • Adam, Phil, and Rory also hit poor drives.
    • Luke decides to play the hole by himself, as he feels like he has just a good of a chance to score well as his opponents.
    • Luke is playing against Adam, Phil, and Rory this hole.
    • Luke ends up making a 5, where Adam scrapes by with a 4.
    • Adam, Phil, and Rory each win 2 points this hole, and Luke receives 0.
      • Luke would’ve won 2 points as the Wolf playing against all 3 of his opponents if he would’ve won the hole.