Barkies are a side game that can be added on to existing games, or played by itself.  Barkies are similar to Sandies where each player is rewarded for making par or better on a hole where they were in trouble earlier that same hole.

# of players Single or Team play Uses Handicap? Game Type
players teams hcp gametype
2+ Single No Side Game


  • Players determine a dollar amount for each Barkie (ie. $1, $2, etc.)
  • Assuming players are playing for $1 per Barkie, the most any single player can lose is $18.
    • If Double Barkies or Triple Barkies are being played, the total pot can be much higher.


  • Players receive a Barkie on any holes where they score par or better when at least one of their shots hits a tree.
  • Barkies are accumulated throughout the round and players with Barkies receive the pre-determined dollar amount from each of the other players
  • Players can decide ahead of time if they also want to include “Double Barkies” or “Triple Barkies – holes where a player hits 2 or 3 trees during the same hole and still makes par or better.
    • Please note that players can only get 1 Barkie per shot, so any shot that ricochets off multiple trees only counts as 1, if the player ends up making par or better.


  • Jimmy’s entire foursome is playing Barkies for $1 per Barkie.
  • Jimmy hooks his drive into the woods where it hits a tree.
  • Jimmy still manages to score a 4 (par) on the hole, so Jimmy gets 1 Barkie.
  • If the round ended with Jimmy having 1 Barkie, he would receive $1 from each of his 3 playing partners.