Greenies are a side game that can be added on to existing games, or played by itself.  Greenies are rewarded to players who land their shot on the green and are closest to the pin on par 3 holes.

# of players Single or Team play Uses Handicap? Game Type
players teams hcp gametype
2+ Single No Side Game


  • Players determine a dollar amount for each Greenie (ie. $1, $2, etc.)
  • Assuming players are playing for $1 per Greenie, the most any single player can lose is however number of par 3 holes the course has.


  • Players that land their ball on the green and are closest to the pin on par 3’s receive a Greenie if they manage to make par or better.
  • If no players lands on the green, or if the player closest to the pin ends up bogeying the hole, the group can decide to carry over the Greenie to the next par 3 hole.


  • Zach’s entire foursome is playing Greenies for $1 per Greenie.
  • Zach lands his tee shot to 5 feet from the pin on a par 3, and is the closest to the pin.
  • Zach 2 putts for par and receives a Greenie.