Sandies are a side game that can be added on to existing games, or played by itself.  There are different variations of this side game, but as you probably guessed, they all involve sand.

# of players Single or Team play Uses Handicap? Game Type
players teams hcp gametype
2+ Single No Side Game


  • Players determine a dollar amount for each Sandie (ie. $1, $2, etc.)
  • Assuming players are playing for $1 per Sandie, the most any single player can lose is $18.
    • If Double Sandies or Triple Sandies are being played, the total pot can be much higher.


  • Players determine a dollar amount for each Sandie (ie. $1, $2, etc.)
  • Players receive a Sandie on any holes where they score par or better when at least one of their shots is played from a sandy area (greenside bunker, fairway bunker).
  • Sandies are accumulated throughout the round and players with Sandies receive the pre-determined dollar amount from each of the other players
  • Players can decide ahead of time if they also want to include “Double Sandies” or “Triple Sandies – holes where a player plays twice from the sand and still makes par or better, or holes where a player play 3 times from the sand and makes par or better.


  • Luke’s entire foursome is playing Sandies for $1 per sandie.
  • Luke hits his drive into a fairway bunker, and still manages to make a 4 (par) on the hole.
  • Luke will receive 1 Sandie.
  • If the round ended with Luke having 1 sandie, he would receive $1 from each of his 3 playing partners.