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Can be played with 4 players

Alternate Shot/Foursomes

The alternate shot format is also known as “foursomes” and is used in team golf competitions.  In this format, team members do not play every shot during the hole, but alternate taking shots between themselves and their teammate.  Alternate shot…
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Aces and Deuces

Aces and Deuces is a fun game designed for a full foursome of players.  This game is similar to a combination of 5-3-1 and skins, but allows for the entire foursome to play.  The idea is to avoid being the…
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The Nassau is one of the most common games that you’ll see at your local course.  In it’s simplest form, this game is easy to keep track of, but does offer some variety (and scoring complexity) for those that want…
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Skins is a very popular game as it can be played with a wide variety of players, and can be played with or without handicaps.  The idea behind skins is to score better than your opponents with a par or…
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The game of Wolf is a very entertaining game where players test their confidence in their own games.  The game has players alternating as the Wolf, where they’ll decide if they want to play all 3 of their opponents on…
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Barkies are a side game that can be added on to existing games, or played by itself.  Barkies are similar to Sandies where each player is rewarded for making par or better on a hole where they were in trouble…
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